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Date: 10 November 2017

A group of 69 participants including our staff members and their family members set off a 2-day trip in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort on 23rd – 24th September 2017.  We spent the first whole day in the Disneyland Park and enjoyed the fun-filled facilities there.    We enjoyed the gourmet dinner buffet at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.  During dinner time, numerous Disney characters joined us and took photos with us.  After dinner, the main characters of Disney: Mickey and Minnie joined us and a group photo was taken with all the participants of this trip.   We stayed in Disney Explorers Lodge which is a band-new hotel opened in April 2017.  We took a break from our busy work and this outing was truly an enjoyable and unforgettable one.  

Date: 22 June 2017

World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong’s No Shark Fin Corporate Pledge Program (the “Program”) is committed to conserve the declining shark populations worldwide.   Sharks, which play a crucial role in maintaining our marine ecosystem healthy, are threatened with extinction today.  Hong Kong is ironically the world’s leading trade centre of shark fin.  Most of the shark fin products currently available in the market are unsustainably produced.  

Date: 16 May 2017

Hong Kong Christian Service holds its annual "Charity Laisee Campaign" during Chinese New Year which invites participants from all sectors to support its services by donating a laisee. Individuals and organisations are encouraged to make donations through various ways to share the joy and blessings with the needy in these festive moments. We are pleased to announce that our firm has been awarded the “Top Fundraiser” in this campaign.  We would like to thank our staff members for their generous support on this event.

Date: 02 May 2017

The Firm hosted a Gala Dinner for employees and their family members at The Aberdeen Marina Club on 28th April 2017 to celebrate its 33rd anniversary. The senior partner, Mr. Benny Yeung made a speech to thank the hard work and contribution of all our colleagues without which we would not have recorded a success in celebrating our 33rd anniversary.

Date: 23 February 2017

On 22nd February 2017, the Firm hosted a Chinese New Year Dinner gathering at The China Club for its staff members and their families.  Everyone enjoyed the good food and wine and submersed themselves in a nostalgic Shanghai ambience with 1920s art décor design.  The evening was embellished by the presence of adorable kids of our colleagues who brought us warm New Year greetings and received bunch of red packets in return.  Everyone has an enjoyable and fun-filled evening.