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Cheng, Yeung & Co. will organize In-house Training Courses in 2018
Date: 09 May 2018

To promote the culture of continuing professional development, legal knowledge and skills by its practitioners, Cheng, Yeung & Co. will organize in-house legal seminars in 2017/2018 on a variety of subjects. 

CPD Course Title Date Presenter
Preparation of E-Bundles – A Practical Review 8 December 2017 Ms. Candy Lam
Requirement of Motor Insurance Policy 15 December 2017 Mr. Ringo Kwong
Practical Benefits for Lawyers HK Description – Part I 22 March 2018 Arsenal Consulting
Sorry Law – an Overview – Part II 23 March 2018 Mr. Albert Yeung
Practical Benefits for Lawyers HK Description – Part II 27 March 2018 Arsenal Consulting
The End of Enduring Power of Attorney? - Consultation Paper on the Continuing Powers of Attorney Bill 20 April 2018 Mr. Eddie Leung
How to effect service of Writ of Summons on a Defendant in Germany? 4 May 2018 Mr. Chris Chuang
Case Study – Body-in-Cement Murder Case – HCCC 459/2016 22 June 2018 Ms. Stella Kong
Some Practical Issues of Application under Part II of Mental Health Ordinance 6 July 2018 Ms. Sin Wing Sze
Keeping of Significant Controllers Registers by Companies and New Licensing Regime for Trust or Company Service Providers 20 July 2018 Ms. Juliana Kwan
A Preliminary Guided Reading on the Consultation Paper on Periodical Payment Order 19 September 2018 Mr. Lam Chi Hung
Deduction on the account of Betterment 28 September 2018 Mr. Evan Cheng
Whether parties have an interest in the family home? 5 October 2018 Ms. Jenny Wu
Access to computer with criminal or dishonest intent 19 October 2018 Ms. Grace Wong