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Tung Ping Chau Marine and GeoPark tour
Date: 30 November 2011

On 5th November 2011, staff and family members of the firm set out for a Geopark tour to two spectacular outlying islands in Hong Kong - Crooked Island and Tung Ping Chau. While being astounded by the scenic beauty of the natural coastline, the participants received a valuable geo-education about rock formation and preservation of geological heritage.

The dinner party held at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Hotel in the Panerai Replica Watches evening brought all staff members together in a warm atmosphere to share the experience and the joy of the excursion.

Tung Ping Chau 


Tung Ping Chau-Children

 Tung Ping Chau-nature reserve 


 Tung Ping Chau-staff

Tung Ping Chau-all staff