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Tung Ping Chau Marine and GeoPark tour
Date: 30 November 2011

On 5th November 2011, staff and family members of the firm set out for a Geopark tour to two spectacular outlying islands in Hong Kong - Crooked Island and Tung Ping Chau. While being astounded by the scenic beauty of the natural coastline, the participants received a valuable geo-education about rock formation and preservation of geological heritage.

The dinner party held at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Hotel in the evening brought all staff members together in a warm atmosphere to share the experience and the joy of the excursion.

Tung Ping Chau 


Tung Ping Chau-Children

 Tung Ping Chau-nature reserve 


 Tung Ping Chau-staff

Tung Ping Chau-all staff