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Areas of Practice
Corporate and Commercial LawTop

The Firm provides comprehensive legal advice on a broad cross-section of corporate and commercial matters, encompassing mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and reorganization, joint ventures, and the drafting and negotiation of shareholders' agreements, partnership agreements, manufacturing agreements, distribution agreements, guarantees and indemnities, loan agreements, security agreements and various other trade documentation. The Firm also provides legal services on both on-shore and offshore incorporation of companies and related company secretarial matters.

The Firm's clients include public and private companies in Hong Kong, the PRC and overseas. The Firm has participated in a number of joint venture arrangements and consortia, many of which relate to PRC projects and share-dealings in private and public companies.

General Litigation and AlternativeTop

In the realm of general litigation and alternative dispute resolution, the Firm offers a full range of services to both corporate and individual clients. With the expertise of our solicitors in handling cases of varying complexity, the Firm serves clients from commercial, industrial and service sectors in a wide range of disputes such as contractual disputes, shareholders' disputes, interpretation of commercial agreements, sale of goods/service disputes, construction disputes, representing clients in arbitration and mediation in these disputes, investigation by the Commercial Crime Bureau and I.C.A.C. and Securities and Futures Commission, debt collection including institution of proceedings and enforcement proceedings, employment disputes and related litigation; insolvency matters including personal bankruptcy, company liquidations and voluntary arrangements; infringement proceedings relating to intellectual property rights and passing off; judicial review against government decisions under administration law; property litigation including land and property ownership disputes, landlord and tenant disputes; possession of premises; as well as building management disputes.

The Firm is also among the panel solicitors of various government departments, public and statutory bodies. Apart from acting for them in various contentious matters, the Firm also gives legal advice to them on law reform and on other non-contentious matters from time to time.

Insurance LawTop

Over the years, the Firm has come to be recognized as one of the leading insurance law practitioners in the legal profession. The Firm has been on the panels of solicitors of more than 20 major insurers in Hong Kong. The Firm works closely with insurers, insurance intermediaries, reinsurers and insurance professionals. The Firm truly understands the operation and business needs of its insurer clients and strives to provide costs effective strategies and professional advice that deliver results.

The Firm has a strong team of solicitors with extensive experience in handling various contentious and non-contentious insurance-related matters, such as mergers and acquisitions of insurance companies, regulatory and compliance matters, drafting and advising on policy terms and conditions, handling claims for indemnity under various indemnity insurance and arbitration proceedings on insurance disputes. The Firm's solicitors are highly experienced in handling matters relating to a wide variety of insurance contracts and insurance claims including employees' compensation insurance, motor vehicle insurance, contractors' all risks insurance, public liability insurance, fire insurance, professional indemnity insurance, property insurance, theft insurance, life insurance, group medical insurance, personal accident insurance, travel insurance, commercial vehicle and motor trade insurance.

Personal Injury LitigationTop

The Firm has a high regard in the field of personal injury litigation. The Firm has a strong team of experienced and dedicated solicitors who are specialized in handling personal injury litigation. Apart from acting for private individual claimants, the Firm also represents claimants upon the instructions of the Director of Legal Aid. The Firm takes pride in the high quality of its personal injury litigation team and their ability to understand and satisfy clients' needs.

The Firm has handled countless cases involving employees' compensation, medical negligence, professional negligence, product liability, occupiers' and public liability, road traffic accidents, employer's liability and assaults, among others. The Firm is well versed with the various statutory funding agreements between the government and the Motor Insurers' Bureau of Hong Kong, such as the First Fund Agreement, the Domestic Agreements and the Insolvency Fund Agreement, the Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Fund Scheme and the Employees Compensation Assistance Scheme. Such knowledge is essential for proper and effective claims handling.

Conveyancing and TenancyTop

The Firm handles all types of commercial, industrial and residential property transactions and conveyancing matters including assignments, mortgages and tenancies. The Firm has acted for developers to take over all conduct of pre-completion sale of units of new buildings under the Consent and Non-consent Schemes. The Firm also has an impressive track record in handling the transfer of title and ensuing conveyancing matters involving buildings under the Government Built Housing Scheme and buildings owned by Civil Servants' Cooperative Building Societies.

Property development and financing, ranging from acquisition and development to construction financing involving full sets of ancillary security documentation, constitute another substantial part of this area of practice of the Firm.

The Firm also provides a wide variety of services relating to tenancy matters, such as advising on, drafting and negotiating tenancy agreements and their extension and renewal; advising on and preparing the necessary legal documentation in relation to the termination of tenancies and granting of other proprietary rights and advising and representing clients in contentious tenancy matters.

Family LawTop

The Firm provides a full spectrum of services relating to family law, including contentious and non-contentious divorce proceedings, disputes on property appropriation, judicial separations, applications for custody of children, applications for ancillary reliefs, enforcement and variation of maintenance and other court orders. We provide an efficient, professional and effective service to our clients and respond quickly where urgency is required.

Intellectual PropertyTop

The Firm provides a wide range of services in intellectual property matters, covering the registration, assignment and protection of trade marks, patents and designs; the assignment, licensing and protection of copyright and related rights and the conduct of court proceedings on behalf of clients in contentious matters.

Over the years, we have represented many multi-national and local businesses over their intellectual property related matters. In order to provide our clients with quality services, we have implemented a comprehensive database for trademarks, designs and patents registration. We also liaise closely with foreign agents on applications for registration of trademark, design, patent for invention and utility model to be filed in the People's Republic of China and overseas.

Wills and ProbateTop

The Firm provides a comprehensive range of services to clients both in Hong Kong and overseas on wills and probate matters, including the drafting of and advising on wills, obtaining estate duty clearance papers, applications to the court for grant of probate, grant de bonis non, letters of administration, letters of administration with will annexed and other types of grant, resealing of foreign grants in Hong Kong, preparing trust documents, assent and deed of family arrangement, managing and advising on the distribution of estates, and handling disputes over estate entitlement and other contentious probate matters.

Notarial and Attestation ServicesTop

The Firm's China-Appointed Attesting Officer provides services in relation to the attestation and certification of corporate and personal legal acts, matters and documents in Hong Kong for use in the Mainland. The areas of attesting services cover marital status, family re-union, succession to estate, adoption of children, financial guarantee for overseas education, deed of gift, power of attorney, status of Hong Kong/offshore companies, certification of documents, property transaction and mortgage documents, the appointment of legal representative and drawing up legal opinion for arbitration proceedings or litigation in the Mainland.

The Firm's notary public services include the preparations, witnessing, authentication and verification of documents and information for use outside Hong Kong such as powers of attorney, commercial contracts and business documents, immigration and migration documents, incorporation documents of companies, documents for sale and purchase of foreign property, probate documents, ship's protest, witnessing/authenticating signature on documents and administrating oaths and affirmations.

Marriage Solemnization ServicesTop

A number of the Firm's solicitors have been appointed as Civil Celebrants of Marriages who can provide professional marriage solemnization services at designated time and place. They provide a full range of experienced services which include submitting the notice of intended marriage, solemnizing the marriage and preparing the marriage certificate.