General Litigation

In the realm of general litigation, the Firm offers a full range of services to both corporate and individual clients. With the expertise of our solicitors in handling cases of varying complexity, the Firm serves clients from commercial, industrial and service sectors in a wide range of disputes such as contractual disputes, shareholders’ disputes, interpretation of commercial agreements, sale of goods/service disputes, construction disputes, investigation by the Commercial Crime Bureau and I.C.A.C. and Securities and Futures Commissions, debt collection including institution of proceedings and enforcement proceedings, employment disputes and related litigation; insolvency matters including personal bankruptcy, company liquidations and voluntary arrangements; infringement proceedings relating to intellectual property rights and passing off; judicial review against Government decisions under administration law; property litigation including land and property ownership disputes, landlord and tenant disputes; possession of premises; as well as building management disputes.

The Firm is also among the panel solicitors of various government departments, public and statutory bodies. Apart from acting for them in various contentious matters, the Firm also gives legal advice to them on law reform and on other non-contentious matters from time to time.